Beginning Birding (Indoor/Out)

Learn to identify common birds and start your own scientific experiment.

Conservation Theater: Air

Help the puppets learn ways to keep our air clean through composting, recycling, and conserving energy.

Conservation Theater: Interdependence (Indoor)

The forest puppets discover that everyone has an important role.

Cycles & Recycling (Indoor)

Examine natural and human cycles and then make your own recycled paper.

Good Bug, Bad Bug? (Indoor/Out)

Discover the importance of insects to humans, compare insects in different habitats, and practice observation skills.

Polar Life (Indoor)

Investigate the habitats and adaptations of polar animals. Find out how we impact their lives and how they are important to humans.


Consider the importance of soil and its origins, and then observe and test different types.

Tracking (Indoor)

Compare different animals' styles of movement, feet, and track patterns. Follow-up outdoor program also available where suitable.

Trees: Seeds (Indoor/Out)

Compare and contrast various tree seeds and record your observations. A long-term planting experiment can be arranged in good nut years.

Trees: Twigs (Indoor)

Build a “tree” in your room to learn about tree parts and functions; then observe various twigs and develop your botanical vocabulary.

Water & Pollution

Create a model of the water cycle; then study how water changes the landscape and moves pollution.

Whose Habitat?

Find out what habitats your school offers to animals by adopting a tree or a study plot for on-going investigations. Expand your studies through one or more habitat improvement projects if desired.

Programs require 50 to 75 minutes. One program: $45. One day of programs (four classes, same program, same day): $125. Additional cost for mileage beyond ten miles.

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