Air Experiments

Test characteristics of air, identify sources and effects of pollution, and consider ways YOU can reduce pollution.

Astronomy: The Stars (Indoor)

Get to know our Sun better, compare stars' "life histories," and learn some stories behind common constellations.

Biotic Surveys (Indoor/Out)

Discover the plants and animals on your schoolgrounds as you adopt a tree or conduct plot or transect surveys. Multiple sessions throughout the year are ideal for journal writers. Field guide publication is an additional option.

Birds: Migration

Explore the whys and hows of migration and learn how people can impact birds’ survival.

Birds: Nests (Indoor)

Sharpen your observation and reasoning skills while using keys to identify nests.

Conservation Theater: Wildlife (Indoor)

The puppets need YOUR help to survive. Learn why some species are endangered and what people can do to protect the real animals.

Energy Experiments (Indoor/Out)

Explore energy in various forms through experiments with solar power, insulation, and electricity.

Groundwater Investigations

Make model aquifers to understand groundwater and how people can affect its quality.

Introductory Insects (Indoor/Out)

Practice observation skills while getting to know our arthropod neighbors.

Litter & Recycling (Indoor)

Identify some of the problems that litter causes and reasons people litter. Activities include comparing recycling with manufacturing from raw resources.

Ponds & Streams (Indoor/Out if possible)

Compare adaptations of aquatic animals and recognize how we affect their lives.

Raptors: Hawks or Owls (Indoor)

Investigate adaptations of birds of prey and how to identify our local helpers.

Reptiles & Amphibians (Indoor)

Practice your observation skills and learn about the neat adaptations of these amazing species.

Soil Experiments

Compare characteristics of different soils including texture and permeability.

Tracking (Indoor)

Polish your observation and deduction skills to key out animal tracks. Follow-up outdoor program available where suitable.

Tree Keying (Indoor/Out)

Practice classifying and reasoning skills while “keying out” your school trees.

Tropical Rain Forests: Animals (Indoor)

Learn the truth about some jungle myths and some of the amazing animals of tropical rain forests.

Wetlands (Indoor)

Find out what a wetland really is, why we need them, and how plants and animals are adapted to wetland conditions.

Programs require 50 to 75 minutes. One program: $45. One day of programs (four classes, same program, same day): $125. Additional cost for mileage beyond ten miles.

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