Air Care

Investigate our unseen but vital resource--the air! Learn about atmospheric chemistry and conduct simple tests to monitor air pollution.

Butterflies & Moths

Learn about lepidoptera adaptations, ecological roles, habitat needs, and threats to their survival. Then monitor butterfly populations to assess the health of your schoolground environment.

Energy Resources (Indoor)

Consider how we use energy, some advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources, and what we can do to minimize the problems our energy use creates.

Marine Life (Indoor)

Discover the variety of ocean life, examine our dependence upon a healthy water planet, learn about endangered marine species, and find ways to help.

Solar Energy Experiments (Indoor/Out)

Become an energy engineer to conduct experiments in measuring and utilizing solar energy. Students may need to supply empty juice cartons or shoe boxes.

Soil Survey

Dig into the mysteries of soil formation through dramatic re-enactments and by creating model soil profiles. Then test soil erosion models and assess your schoolground’s erosion potential.

Solid Waste Primer (Indoor)

Learn about our "garbage" from the mistakes of a special guest speaker. Then practice your new solid waste vocabulary in the "Garbage Bag Relays."

Water Testing

What's in your drinking water? Conduct simple tests to compare water samples and learn how we can prevent pollution and expensive clean-ups.

Wildlife Conservation I & II (Indoor)

Find out why some Ohio wildlife species are in trouble, how people are affected by loss of species, and what individuals can do about it.

Stream Monitoring (Outdoor, Where Streams are Available)

Conduct biotic surveys and test water quality. A follow-up program is available to help students identify sources of pollution and start projects to reduce it.

Programs require 50 to 75 minutes. One program: $45. One day of programs (four classes, same program, same day): $125. Additional cost for mileage beyond ten miles.

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