Endangered Species (Indoor)

Why are some species endangered? Should you be concerned? What can you do to help? A slide show and “Jeopardy” activity are good ways for students to review and expand their knowledge about our planet’s endangered species.

Habitat Survey

As wildlife biologists you will use the scientific method. The experiment you design and conduct will help you assess your schoolgrounds’ environmental quality based upon the diversity and health of plant and animal species.

Pollution Patrol: Air

Is the air YOU breathe polluted? Is your school a source of air pollution? Find out by designing and running experiments to collect the necessary data. Learn about acid rain, particulates, hydrocarbons, and more!

Pollution Patrol: Water

Is your school polluting the water? Design an experiment (using the scientific method, of course) and gather the facts to find out.

Resources & Recycling (Indoor)

Why is “out of sight, out of mind” NOT a good policy when it comes to our garbage? Examine the manufacturing and disposal parts of the solid waste equation with hands-on activities, and practice problem-solving skills that can save your money, health, and environmental quality.

Soil Testing

Conduct an experiment to assess the quality of your school’s soil. Learn about pH, nutrients, and other factors that determine if soil can support healthy plants.

Solar Energy Experiments (Indoor/Out)

Become an energy engineer to conduct experiments in measuring and utilizing solar energy. Students may need to supply empty juice cartons or shoe boxes.

Programs require 60 to 75 minutes. One program: $45. One day of programs (four classes, same program, same day): $125. Additional cost for mileage beyond ten miles.

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