By donating to the Environmental Mobile Unit you can help all three!

  • Children benefit from the “hands-on” experiences EMU can provide. Most students think learning about nature is fun. Doing things to help nature makes them feel needed and important.
  • Our environment benefits as students become aware and knowledgeable problem-solvers. From litter prevention to erosion control and recycling to planting trees, each student can have a huge positive impact.
  • The future depends upon the decisions of each generation. EMU’s sponsors help provide the science education that enables children to become intelligent decision-makers.
  • And contributions are tax-deductible!


School teachers and youth group leaders in Butler County, Ohio, and nearby communities can contact EMU for age-appropriate programs to complement their regular science or other curricula. Programs for adult audiences are also available.


EMU programs involve students in first-hand encounters with our natural environment. A typical program consists of one trained naturalist, one classroom teacher, 20-some enthusiastic learners, and assorted boxes and bags of "nature stuff" that the students can investigate with all their senses.

Often we go outside to explore the schoolyard environment. Some classes start habitat improvement projects with the naturalist and then continue to monitor wildlife throughout the year. Not only are these students doing real science, but they also improve their schoolgrounds' teaching facilities for other classes and future students.

Topics include

  • Nature Studies: Trees, Soil, Geology, Birds, Insects, Senses, Mammals, Pond, Life...
  • Resource Conservation: Water, Energy, Soil, Wildlife, Solid Waste and Recycling...
  • Pollution & Prevention: Air, Water, Household Toxics...
  • Ecosystems: Wetlands, Oceans, Rain Forests, Deserts, Polar Regions...
  • Endangered Species, and MORE.


Why is YOUR help needed to provide environmental science opportunities to schoolchildren? Teachers responding to our survey question--“What limits your doing more environmental education?” --said:

  • Teacher Reason #1: “I haven’t the time to prepare extra hands-on materials and lessons!”
  • Teacher Reason #2: “I haven’t the time to keep up with all the environmental information.!”

For the last five years with the support of individuals, businesses, organizations, schools, and government grants, EMU has been able to fill some of the need for the specialized environmental experiences that teachers desire for their students. But we want to do more -- provide more opportunities for more children on an on-going basis that makes a lasting difference in their education. Children in schools that financially cannot contract with EMU and those in schools that do not fit a current grant program need your help.

YOU can help children have these opportunities to explore and discover our natural world.


  • It's more economical for EMU to give the same program for many classes than for each teacher to prepare materials.

Teachers can concentrate on teaching. They utilize the EMU experiences with their students in later discussions, writings, and investigations. EMU can prepare, clean, and store the equipment.

  • It's more economical to bring a program to the class than to bus the class to a program at a park or zoo.

Field trips are great, but to satisfy a child’s curiosity about nature and keep the spark for learning alive, more frequent “eyeball to eyeball” opportunities are needed.

  • We s---t---r----e-----t-----c------h your donations.

EMU works with teachers to obtain grants for programs, supplies, field trips, and science equipment. We make duct tape and plastic pop bottles serve many purposes. We train teachers to develop and use schoolground resources so they can continue to give their students science experiences. And EMU helps students work on habitat improvement projects, giving them opportunities to DO something positive for our environment and to leave a legacy for future students.


YOU are essential! Your contribution will help cover the costs to provide quality environmental education to area children. Donations are needed for EMU's matching grant fund, PAWS programs (Projects for Attracting Wildlife to Schools), and classroom programs. If you want to sponsor a particular class or grade within EMU's range, please so indicate.

Your $35 tax-deductible donation will sponsor one program for one class. To sponsor one day of programs (four classes, same program, same school) takes only $75 and helps about one hundred eager students get involved with nature. Underwriting of classes or schools for a whole year decreases costs and increases learning opportunities. Write for details!

Checks made payable to EMU can be sent to EMU, 5431 Tallawanda Lane, Oxford, OH, 45056. Contributions are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated by the students and teachers. For more information, contact us!


"I really enjoyed your program. I really know what your point is. Other people that do this type of stuff are boaring but you're funny and you make it fun. Thanks." --Jeff, 4th grade

"They [kindergartners] are alert now to water wasting in bathrooms, at drinking fountains, etc." --Kindergarten teacher

"Many students view the environment as a non-living thing. This [program] 'softens' their attitudes by showing them how we affect the life around us." --Sixth grade teacher

"I put a big metal stick thing in the ground. I didn't know sand was in dirt before we went outside. In our dirt I saw sand. We found some worms. I also didn't know clay was in dirt before. I had a lot of fun . . . ." --Bradley, 4th grade

"I loved this program. The children gain so much more from experts in the field!" --1st grade teacher

"I like science because you get to do experience." --2nd grader

"Thank you for giving up your time and energy to come in and talk to us. I really enjoy your rock idenification program. In fact you make every part of learning enjoyable and fun, no matter what it is. I never relized how many animals homes are being destroyed. But I do know I've got to do something about it. Thanks agin." --Elizabeth, 4th grade

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